C2 has had a welcome, although brief, respite over the holidays from the usual slate of meetings and emails. To update you on the progress of C2:

CFA = Cabin Fee Act of 2009. This is the proposed C2 User Fee/Transfer Fee proposal that was sent to the Congressional Drafting Office in December. This preliminary draft legislation is now called CFA.

Sponsors = Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA) has agreed to co-sponsor the CFA of 2009. As directed by our NFH Washington Representative, Aubrey King, our principal immediate goal is for cabin owners is to ask your local Congressmen to step up as a co-sponsor to the CFA. At this time we are urging only Representatives, not Senators, to join Representative Doc Hastings in introducing the Cabin Fee Act. Now that the holiday recess has passed and Congress is returning to work, C2 is asking all tracts to please email, call or write a letter to your Congressmen.

In the next few weeks, Representative Doc Hastings (R-WA), Ranking Republican on the House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee, will introduce in Congress the Cabin Fee Act (CFA) that has been developed by cabin owners to replace CUFFA and establish a much more equitable and reasonable basis for determining cabin permit fees.  We believe the following Representatives, who have many cabin owners in their Districts, should be willing to join Representative Hastings in introducing this historic legislation.  Please make every effort to communicate with your Representative (and any others you may know) and urge him or her to join in introducing the Cabin Fee Act. Your Representative’s staff can contact Jim Streeter, Minority Staff Director of the Natural Resources Committee, at 202.226.2311, for information about the new bill and when it will be introduced.  As always, let us know about your efforts and what you hear from your Representative.

Though we still have much work to do, let’s hope that this is the year that results in a long-term solution to cabin fees.  Many continuing thanks to you, your contacts and your communication network for getting us to this point.

Mt. Hood tracts are in the Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District, represented by Earl Blumenauer (D) since 1996. Please contact Rep. Blumenauer at the following:

729 NE Oregon St. Suite 115
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 231-2300