The following comments and accompanying PDF file has been written by Norman Goetz a former board member of MHFHA. While the article is a long read it might be good to read the entire article as it may have some financial impact on some of us in the future. Daryl Phillippi

Written by Norman Goetz …. January 2010

An article of mine regarding the determination of eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places of three Historic Districts and 39 individual cabins has been on the MHFHA website for a couple of years.  In that article I wanted to try to explain some of the complexities of the situation with only minimal mention of my personal opposition to most of what had been done by ODOT and the Forest Service.  In the last two years I have continued to research the history of our cabins, the history of the historic preservation industry, and the history of the processes used to create Historic Districts and individually historic buildings.  What follows is an account of what I found, which I hope will be informative and will result in comments from you.  I realize that the CUFFA fee increases have generated attention from all cabin owners recently, but the historic eligibility issue has already caused serious problems for cabin owners and may become the next focus of attention locally and possibly nationally.

Historic Tract Eligibility as a PDF.