UPDATE as of Jan 31st:

3 9 10 grade A

12 20’s 24 26 29 31 35 grade C

28 30 32 34 grade B 

Winter Road Report from David Jacob: Jan 28th

We have a slow melt under way:

Most roads are now C+ or B – but bring a shovel so you can turn the corner into your driveway

I would like to thank all who checked on their cabins for leaks

Both systems are close to normal now and ready for the next Freeze


A= clear

B= 1 – 4 inches need snow tires

C= 3-6 inches need 4wd or chained 2 wd

D= need high ground clearance and 4wd (no AWD minivans, un-lifted Subaru’s)

E= need chains on every tire and 4wd with high ground clearance

David Jacob PE , 503-310-9262