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Fran Lanagan, Mt Hood Permit Administrator

The National Forest Homeowners (NFH) awarded Fran Lanagan, The Jim Sauser Award: Recreation Advocate Of The Year, at their awards banquet, April 22, 2017.  This special award is given to a U.S. Forest Service employee in recognition of their positive role in dealing and interacting with recreation residence permittees.

National Forest Homeowners conference, April 21-22, 2014, Seattle, WA.

National Forest Homeowners conference, April 21-22, 2014, Seattle, WA.

Fran joined the Zigzag Ranger Station in 2005 and came without any experience with the RecRes program and being in charge of over 550 cabins was a steep learning curve!  It’s a tough job and when asked what was the hardest part of the job, Fran answered, “having to say no to cabin owners”.  This unique program has many rules and regulations set forth by the USFS.  Owning a cabin on USFS land makes the Forest Service our landlord and Fran worked hard at helping cabin owners with the many issues they face.  Fran is retiring in June of this year and was honored to win this award.


Jim Sauser

In 2017 this award was renamed the “The Jim Sauser Award: Recreation Advocate of the Year” award in honor of Jim Sauser who passed away in the fall of 2016. Jim Sauser was a great friend to the cabin program both as his role in the USFS as Region 6 Land Use Program Manager and then following his retirement from the USFS, as Associate Director of NFH.

The NFH conference was held at the Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle.  Paula Hoiland, President of MHFHA and  NFH Secretary presented the award to Fran.  In the audience were fellow Mt Hood cabin owners, David Gearing, MHFHA and NFH Director; Carolyn Raz,  MHFHA Secretary and her husband Buz; Ray Amling, MHFHA Director and his wife Kris; Mary, Wendy and Eric Hein and Ken Hoiland.

Mt Hood Forest Homeowners Association became a member tract of NFH in 2016 in support of the only National association working on behalf of all 14,000 cabins on US Forest Land.