highway clean up

From Left to Right Cabin Owners, Dar Crammond, Tim and Pru Spofford, Carol Mattson, Greg Eastman, Marilyn and Bill Gifford and Sandy and Pat Heffron.

Saturday April 29th turned out to be a sunny day!  The only day in weeks that started out sunny and didn’t start raining until late afternoon.

With two full shifts – the 4 mile stretch along highway 26 beginning at Tollgate Campground and going up past Rd 39, 27 volunteers filled 71 large yellow trash bags.  The morning shift worked on the North side of Hwy 26 and the noon shift worked the South side.  That’s a total of 8 miles of turf these hard workers covered and cleaned.

This was the first year that we had 3 family’s with young children wanting to join in the volunteer work.  Unfortunately ODOT sets a 16 yr old age requirement so one family with two children age 8 and 10 worked the heavily trashed Campcreek road and were disgusted at the garbage and fulfilled at the same time of doing good for our forest.For over 10 years MHFHA has helped keep Oregon clean!

MHFHA has organized this highway clean up for over 12 years now and is working with ODOT to secure a 3rd area along the lower cabin roads.

Another cleanup will take place this fall – stay tuned and sign up early as there are a limited number of spots and this year we did have to turn away a few last minute volunteers.  Information will be posted on MHFHA website.

To read more about the ODOT Adopt-a-highway program click here