As cabin owners are receiving their 2018 Spring newsletters along with the USFS Contact Update Sheet- we are getting requests for help in finding their permit number.  You can find your permit number on your actual permit issued when you purchased your cabin or in 2009 whichever fits your situation.  You can also find it on your annual bill.

The second section from the bottom of your annual bill has the description of “2720 SPECIAL USES  ZIG#### ”  The permit number begins with ZIG and ends with 4 digits.

If you absolutely can’t find your permit number, just make sure you list your road and lot number.  Greg Martin our permit administrator explains that “the reason for a permit holder knowing their permit number is it speeds up the process any time they are calling or writing in to discuss anything regarding their permit. It saves time for everyone to be able to enter the permit number into our database as opposed to cross referencing for the permit number to then be entered. We are looking for efficiency in any/every way possible”.

Thank you!