Unfortunately our secluded cabins in the woods can be a target for petty thieves.  There have been several reports of cabin break-ins over the past several weeks on Rds 12, 20, 24, 32,34, 35 and 35B and perhaps others.

Last weekend a cabin owner on Rd 32/34 captured these photos on his cabin camera system of a man casing out his cabin – he came back a few times.

suspect 3 suspect 2 suspect 1If you have a security camera system and capture suspicious people casing your cabin please send us photos.  We will also be passing these along to the Clackamas County Sheriff.

As a reminder, be on the look out for suspicious activity and don’t hesitate to contact the Clackamas Sheriff Office to report any suspicious activity.  The number to call is 503-655-8218.  If you see a car that doesn’t look like it belongs – jot down the license plate number and report it.  That is how the person responsible for dozens of cabin break ins 3 years ago was caught – by a couple of cabin owners that thought something didn’t look right – wrote down the license plate number and phoned it in.  Due to the number of calls about the same license plate number, they were able to convict the right person.  The Forest Watch Program Works!

forest watch signIf you don’t have a Forest Watch Decal for your cabin please contact us and we will mail one to you.