The Mt. Hood Forest Homeowners Association (MHFHA) was formed in the fall of 1992 in order to participate in the review process for evaluating cabin owners’ permit values.

The association has continued to benefit Mt. Hood Forest Service cabin owners and provides an organizational working relationship with the Forest Service.

The MHFHA represents the interests of the “Cabin Permit Holders” in the Mt. Hood Forest by:

  1. Advocating for all cabin owners.
  2. Providing an open process by which all members may be involved in the affairs of the community.
  3. Maintaining and enhancing the livability of the area by establishing lines of communication and functioning as a liason between the community, government, and other associations.

The tract of cabins on Mt. Hood is the 4th largest tract of Forest Service summer homes in the nation and the largest in Oregon.

1999 CUFFA (Cabin User Fee Fairness Act): Testimony to Congress

June 18, 1998: Related to permit fees
Page 46: Statement of Stephen Lunt, Vice-President, Oregon Forest Homeowners Association.
Page 49: Statement of Maryhelen Sherrett, Vice President, Mt. Hood Forest Homeowners Association.

1999: Mary Clarke Ver Hoef, Chair, National Forest Homeowners Government Liaison Committee
on the Cabin User Fee Fairness Act of 1999.

March 22, 2000: Richard M. Betts, a general appraiser
on methodology used for setting permit fees.