Cabin security remains a hot topic within the summer homes. The question is always, “What can I do to make our cabin safe?” Here are some suggestions, but they don’t come with a guarantee that you will be safe.

Know your Neighbors

As in any good crime prevention program the number one issue is to get to know your neighbors and be aware of your surroundings. In our situation where most people only use their cabins an average of 60 days a year this might not be much help. But neighbors looking out for neighbors can sure go a long way.


Some people have installed gates on the driveways. This can be a deterrent since most bad guys tend to be lazy and would not carry items around a gate. The down side to gates is that a locked gate tells people that no one is around. If you are interested in a gate, there is a source for installing a “Forest Service” approved gate. Jim Whalon charges $500.00 for a 12 foot gate constructed of pressure treated wood. If you are interested,  give him a call at 503/622-3560. This information was updated 12/5/11

Security Alarms

A few cabins have installed security systems and have them monitored. This can be set up to emit loud obnoxious sounds within the cabins and also flashing lights to hopefully drive off an intruder. There are many systems available and at a reasonable cost. One such system is by American Security Alarms, 503/231-0303. For an installed cost of $395.00, this includes 1 motion sensor and 2 door sensors. Monitoring cost $19.95 a month. The down side of this set-up is that Clackamas County Deputies are not always in the area and response time can be slow. The main advantage is that it can make noise and hopefully push an intruder out of the cabin and you would know immediately when there is a problem.

Notify MHFHA
If you have been a victim of a burglary, report it to the Clackamas County Sheriffs office. We would appreciate it if you would inform MHFHA by email. The Forest Service has asked that we serve as a data collection point to try to figure out the best way to proceed in arriving at an optimal deterrent.

MHFHA is not endorsing any of these options or businesses but felt this was relevant enough to pass onto our members to make their own decision on how to proceed.